Nearly all web-hosting platforms offer DIY website builders to their customers, and new business owners or managers might find this option attractive. It looks like the perfect solution—you get a functional and sleek website without spending on a website designer. Just plug a template in, customise the elements a bit, and voila—your brand gets a refresh!

However, these website builders give you a false sense of complacency. It tricks you into thinking that you can create a website that truly represents your business while enabling it to stand out among others in your market. DIY builders are, unfortunately, not enough.

If you feel like you’ll be wasting your money on a professional web designer, read on to learn more about why DIY design isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and why having a digital agency on board will be the best for your business.

DIY Means Inevitable Design Mistakes

Site builders are just tools. They let you execute your knowledge of industry standards through coding and SEO. It’s one thing to build a website that works. It’s a whole other thing to build a website that works perfectly for you. What’s more, you won’t know better.

If you do not know what your metrics are, you cannot be critical of your products. Do you know everything about SEO optimisation, from front- to back-end? Are you familiar with mobile responsiveness and how to design for tablets and phones? There’s more to website design than making beautiful pages, and it takes years of study to become an effective designer.

DIY Means Overlooking the Back-End

When you use a DIY designer, you can cobble together a page that looks alright from the front. The real test of a page, though, lies in its framework—SEO is as much about coding as it is about content. 

If you use a DIY building tool, you could end up with sloppy coding or complicated structures that slow down your website or cause your UX to suffer. It won’t matter if you have a visually stunning website if people can’t find it. Hiring a digital agency that specialises in website design ensures clean coding and a website optimised for search.

DIY Means Mobile Functionality Mishaps

Websites today must be compatible with phones and tablets. It is because 53 per cent of web traffic and 63 per cent of retail traffic go through mobile devices. Your brand’s mobile site should be as good as your desktop version, if not better. If you use DIY builders, though, you risk creating sites not suitable for mobile browsing.

Poorly-sized images, forgetting click to call compatibility or search functionality, and creating a website through trial and error is an inefficient use of your time. If you build a site through tools, you can create for yourself serious navigational difficulties. Users browsing on mobile devices don’t have time to sift through several choices on your page—tap to call and search functionalities allow them to locate information quickly.

An experienced designer will know how to make your website mobile friendly. They will have updated knowledge on what styles and UX work best with different audiences and adapt their concepts to tablets and phones.


In the past, people used to introduce their business through their business cards. Your card needed to represent your brand well. The contemporary equivalent of that is your website—people get to know your company through your pages online. If you use DIY builders, you don’t have the assurance that your site will be beautiful and functional.

Skip the guesswork and let DLS Business Solutions build your website. We offer web design in North Wales, creating customised websites that fit your brand. Whether you need a simple one-page presence or a full-blown e-commerce store, we have you covered—talk to us today and let’s get started!

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