Search engine optimisation (SEO) and web design are inextricably linked. Visitors’ perceptions of your brand are influenced by design. It communicates your brand’s image and messaging to visitors and motivates them to perform desired actions. Making a website SEO-friendly involves allowing Google and other search engines to efficiently crawl each page, understand the information, and index it in their databases.

In this post, we’ll share four simple tips to bear in mind while creating your website so that your content may start ranking higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) sooner rather than later.

Tip #1: Identify Your Goals

Your SEO strategy aims to improve the visibility of a website in search engine results pages, while the web design team is there to create a visually appealing and functional website.

Although there may seem to be a mismatch between these two main objectives, you will find success when your SEO and design teams collaborate. For this reason, it is critical to maintain regular communication. These objectives should ideally align with your primary business objectives, such as increased revenue, expanding into new markets, or increasing conversions.

Tip #2: Clean and Simple Design is Key

White space, line length, and any additional components like pictures or graphics may influence how visitors interact with your website. Keep in mind that your design should not be too busy or overwhelming on the eyes. It’s best to use fonts, images, and colour palettes that are clean and simple. Your website visitors should be able to digest your content easily, with just a glance or two.

Pages with blocks of text, too many hyperlinks, and complicated graphics may only hurt your website’s performance. A simple, appealing aesthetic and easy navigation, on the other hand, will improve conversions and increase time spent on your site, which will result in better search engine rankings over time!

Tip #3: Optimise All Website Elements

If you’ve been working on boosting your SEO strategy, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about content. You likely already make sure that all website copy and blog articles contain the ideal number of keywords. 

Remember, your business website doesn’t rely solely on text. There are other elements such as images, videos, graphics, headers, footers, and many other navigational components. All of these factors contribute to a good web design, and they should be optimised to ensure a well-functioning and fast-loading website.

Tip #4: Make It Mobile Friendly

A rising number of Internet users use smartphones and other mobile devices, and your site must be accessible to all of them. Not only will this improve the user experience, but it will also improve your chances of ranking high in Google’s search results now that mobile-friendliness is a factor.

Having a responsive website design that allows your website to change to mobile or other formats seamlessly makes a significant impact on customer retention. People will likely go back into the search results and choose a mobile-friendly rival if your website is not.


Some people may not know how much of an influence a website’s design has on content and how it is presented. Design and SEO work best together, and upgrading your web design doesn’t have to be complicated. To obtain expert guidance on what you need to accomplish, contact a digital agency near you.

If you are looking for a web design agency in North Wales to help you with SEO and web design, DLS Business Solutions has the service perfect for your needs. We work with clients all over the UK, providing high-quality service in many business-critical areas, from web design, SEO, and social media, to IT support and business systems. Contact our experts today!

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