Social media has become the new beehive for marketing, especially as everyone can do everything on their mobile phones, even interacting with each other. Online advertising has been proven to be an excellent way for businesses to get customers. However, every social media marketing team has to step up their game to stand out from the crowd. Businesses need to keep up with the constantly changing trends and centre marketing strategies around them.

Here are four social media marketing strategies that your business can try this year.

1. Set Specific Advertising Goals

As much as 73 per cent of digital marketers believe in the power of social media to propel their marketing tactics. To make the strategy work, the social media marketing team must set specific goals that they have to achieve.

Going with general digital marketing goals will not cut it because of the ever-changing social media trends. Set specific numbers and results you want to get and give yourself a deadline to accomplish them. These social media marketing goals must be evaluated and revised each month to ensure that it is cohesive with the trends. There can be big or small changes due to customer behaviour, competitors, and industry type.

2. Coordinate With Influencers

Influencer engagement has been continuously rising on all social media platforms. Collaborating with them can bring more customers to your business because their established audience trusts them and their recommendations. You have to take advantage of their reach and use it to promote your products or services.

Influencers have a more genuine and deeper relationship with their followers, which makes their promotions effective. The more popular the influencer is, the better, but you can also opt to work with micro-influencers in your industry who have lower rates and can still help promote your brand and products. Choose an influencer aligned with your business and hit them up for a collaboration.

3. Utilize Video Advertising

Bombarding social media platforms with promotional photos is not exactly enough. You need to create compelling videos to promote your product or service. You can see the surge of people on TikTok and YouTube, and you have to take advantage of the trend.

With video advertising, you can include more details and pull your customers in with creative editing. Using promotional videos can increase your engagement by allowing you to interact with social media audiences genuinely. 

4. Encourage Feedback

Encouraging your social media followers or subscribers to give feedback can help you improve your business. You do not have to force them to leave reviews, but you have to find a way to make them engage in your posts. When your site, product, or service has good reviews, people will trust it more. You will establish more credibility and have more loyal customers.

Try to ask your social media connections about what they think of your product or service, or you can incentivise leaving reviews. You should be creative with how you do this and improve your service to encourage good, substantial reviews.

Final Thoughts

The world of social media marketing is expanding every day. Indeed, it is valuable and rewarding if you want to reach more people, even while at the confines of your own home. But, of course, to be a success, you have to be one of the best to get noticed by the audience. Exercise your creativity, be a trailblazer, and do not blindly follow the trends.

If you are looking for someone to work with, DLS Business Solutions is a digital marketing agency in North Wales that offers services all over the UK—SEO, website development, design, IT support, and social media. Book an appointment today, so we can get started!

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